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    Heeello Fisk Fans! It's your Forum admin Hawk here. A little message to anyone who's having problems with registering on these forums. Through out time we get emails from people having issues with registering. So here's a small thread to help you out.
    This thread is just a quick Q&A thread to answer to the most usual problems that might occur.

    "You have insufficient privileges to post here." - I get this in all sub-forums and categories and can't seem to do anything on the forums even though i've registered and logged in. What should i do?
    This happens if your account hasn't been validated yet. To validate your account you must click on a confirmation link you should have received on the email you provided when registering here.

    I haven't received any confirmation email upon registering. Why is that?
    This can happen to anyone at times when registering on new sites. The very first thing to do is check your spam folder. Email providers and third-party clients use automatic systems to detect spam. Now even in the year 2016. These systems aren't flawless. And can often filter emails that are not actually spam. There isn't much we can do about this.

    If you've checked your spam folder and the email isn't there make sure that you actually gave up the right address and that the spelling was correct upon registration.

    The third solution is to try another email address and/or provider. We know the outgoing email server on our end works. Else no one would be able to register at all would they? ;)

    I've tried all of the above solutions but still haven't received a confirmation email. Plz help!
    In this case something about your registration info may have been matched in our spam database. Wether it being your chosen username, IP address, email address or all three. This can happen if you're using a public VPN or proxy provider or certain email providers like "" (seriously. If you don't trust us enough and feel the need to use an anti spam email, you don't deserve being a part of this community anyway. So if this is the case we won't help you).

    If only your username is matched it's usually fixed on our end relatively fast. As this can happen if you happen to choose some popular username like Bob or Stan.

    Hope you found this thread helpful if you had any issues. We only want the best for our community members. Hawk out! :D

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