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    Hello guys!

    Most of you probably know about our official Superheroes server, Omega & Fisk. Which is a huge part of the Omega Universe. Well now Omegatron and our super ultra great system administrator HaakonHawk has teamed up and are working on a new project called…

    Wait for it…

    OMEGA UNIVERSE 2.0! This new server will merge all the already existing servers into one huge server. Aswell as adding more servers featuring new mods, modpacks and even some vanilla Minecraft minigames. One of them being an Advanced Lightsabers PVP arena.

    And all will be accessible from a centralized hub (or lobby) which will support both vanilla and modded clients with version 1.7 - 1.10.2 all at the same time. Isn’t that cool?!

    However, to help kickstart this new project we are kindly asking you people to help funding it by making a donation HERE. Even just a $1 donation is more than helpful. And anyone who donates will get an awesome reward. ;)


    Fisk out
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    Do you have an estimated amount for how many people will be able to play on the server at a time when released?
  3. HaakonHawk

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    In total with all the servers and the hub. About 200 players max.
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